Guangzhou Wedding Supplies Market

Guangzhou wedding supplies wholesale market is very famous for selling wedding dresses, evening dresses,and wedding supplies trading.

It is located in the North of Jiangnan Avenue in Guangzhou. Besides the market consists of two major parts. One is the Wedding street and another one is Haobainian wedding square. If you take subway, get off at The 2nd Workers’ Cultural Palace Station. The subway import and export is connected to the Haobainian wedding square. It is an international wedding industry professional shopping mall. As a large-scale professional procurement wholesale market, it integrate wedding dresses, cheongsam dresses, photographic equipment, wedding headwear, wedding supplies and other weddings’s materials and products.

Guangzhou wedding supplies market

If you are driving, after passing the Pearl River Bridge, you will see a wedding street. The first to come into view is the store with a dazzling array of colorful wedding dresses on both sides of the street. Wedding dresses here are diverse.  Due to it not only has elegant Chinese wedding dresses, but also modern European wedding dresses. And because most of them are middle and low-end wedding dresses, and a small number of high-end wedding dresses. So, everyone can choose the wedding dress that suits them here.

Guangzhou wedding supplies market

The bridal business here is flexible and diverse. It’s welcome for wholesal and retail, also for rent to cater to the needs of all levels of consumption. It has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign merchants and customers.

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