Guangzhou Sourcing Agent Helps Your Buying From China

One Stop Solution

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent helps your buying from China. This is a well known concept for the foreign buyers worldwidely. Guangzhou sourcing agent is very familiar with the wholesale market in China. They are not only help you sourcing the best products you want with good price and good quality. But also they are very experienced in exporting goods, wherever you come from. Sourcing, Buying, Exporting, are the one stop solution service concept that accepted by all of the foreign buyers. The concept of the popular service of China sourcing Agent, which will surely hep you buying from China.

Basic Service of Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

If you are an experienced buyer, and you have been use the service of Guangzhou Sourcing Agent, then you will easily find that, the service will surely easy your buying process in China. The Guangzhou Sourcing Agent will help you find the best suppliers before you coming to China. Furthermore, they will arrange experienced market guide to accompany you survey in the wholesale markets.

The Guangzhou Sourcing Agent will help you record all of the related information of the vendors, as well as the detailed information of the products. Of course, the market guide will help you to negotiate the MOQ, delivery time, packing requirements with the vendors. Usually, the market guide will help you bargain the price with the suppliers, as they want to rush up the order to be confirmed.

Moreover, the Guangzhou Sourcing Agent service are more comprehensive. For instance, the will help you follow the order, control the suppliers, deal with all of the emergency issues during the producing term. In other words, they will work as your own workers in Guangzhou, and keep all of the details informed to you.

The most recognized work is the paper work of customs related. As we all know, in China, if you want to export products, you have to submit many documents to the government. Each of the file should be accord with the rules of customs. The Guangzhou Sourcing Agent will help you all of the related work in advance as soon as your goods to be ready.

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Affordable Commission for the Amazing Service

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent is a very popular service company in China, and it’s not so difficult to carry out such service business. Of course, to be a professional and recognized service company, is a bit difficult. Anyway, the easy entrance of the business, caused the competitiveness very drastic. That’s why the service commission is to be lower and lower, while the service to be better and better.

Usually, the Guangzhou Sourcing Agent will charge 5-8% of total order value for commission, as their service fees. But in fact, if you insist, they will agree with your 3-5% requirements. Don’t feel surprised, it’s the fact of the business. Lower commission still means they have a client, and they still have the chance to maintain the business. Otherwise, many Agent will accept a lower commission to service the clients.

So sadly, right? For Shangjin Trading, we need face to the situation. However, we still keep going better service lower commission policy. We don’t want to charge more, but want win-win situation with our clients, no matter big order or small order. And keep the business consistently. Step by Step, always help our client to develop their business, then surely our business will be better and better.

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