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Why Guangzhou wholesale market for buying - Purchasing Agent In China

Guangzhou Market Guide help you find the best suppliers, it’s the key reason why Guangzhou market guide company are so popular in foreign trade business. Normally we call Guangzhou market guide company as Export Agent. Actually, foreign buyers who are experienced in purchasing from China already enjoy the service many years ago. In fact, Guangzhou market guide recommend you the best suppliers, surely will save you much money, time and energy. Especially, you can enhance your competitiveness in your own local market. So that you can develop your business easier and consistently.

How Does The Guangzhou Market Guide Find the Best Suppliers

Old suppliers net work already

Guangzhou Market Guide can easily find a better or best supplier for you, because of their specialized in such service business. Usually, a professional Guangzhou market guide company has been developed in Export Agent for at least several years. Furthermore, each export agent will focus on some certain products category. Some are specialized in Clothing, Fabrics; some are focus on Shoes and shoes materials. Of course, some are dedicated in a small core products, such as printing clothing, women swimming wear, suit, dress, etc. No matter what kind of products they prefer, they already set up a good network of suppliers.

Familiar with the products and markets

On the other side, Guangzhou market guide company or export agent, they are very familiar with Guangzhou city. Especially the main wholesale markets. Furthermore, they will analysis the products and markets, to know the features of each location. They can understand well what you want, and then recommend you the best place where you can find the best products. Normally, they will check and source before you coming to China, or after receive your specifications of your interested items. They will take a lot of time and labor, work on your items, to prepare a best quotation list for you before you coming. Based on their hard work, you will feel happy but easy to find the best suppliers you want.

Understand well the production hub

Here, another important reason we think, maybe is the most important reason. As we all know, each area, or district, or city, will have a famous production hub. For Instance, the wholesale market of clothing, shoes, bags, fabrics, are surely will located in a certain street in Guangzhou. However, for the manufacturers, will located in other place. Clothing in Baiyun and Panyu; Jewelry in Panyu to, while fashion clothing in Dongguan. If you want knitted sweater, you’d better go to Dalang or Shantou to find the best manufacturers. For shoes, Jinjiang and Wenzhou is the best production center in China. Really, Guangzhou market guide company all know well, there are too famous area for some certain products that are very popular to export.

How To Get the Best Suppliers From Your Export Agent

How to identify that the supplier is the best one for you? It is not a simply question to answer. But for a professional Guangzhou Market Guide company or Export Agent, there is a systemic methods to check and confirm. There should be concerned the capacity judge, certification check, and background survey. Essentially, communication, inquiry test, and coordination feeling. A little complex, and should handle by an experienced Export Agent. We shall discuss details next time.

Here today, we shall focus on the position of our clients. For our clients, how could they get a useful quotation from Guangzhou market guide based on the best suppliers. In fact, not a difficult issue. Simply to clarify your requirements clearly and completely to Guangzhou market guide. Better for you to know what you want in advance before you ask Guangzhou market guide for a quotation.

4 points to get a precisely quotation

We think, only 4 main points, if you can explain to Guangzhou market guide, then it’s enough.

  • Firstly, please send some pictures for sense or image, so that they can understand your requirements much easier.
  • Secondly, please tell your specifications, including materials, size, or related requirements, in order to help them focus on some certain items.
  • Thirdly, please tell your target price range, as it’s very import for them to check with the suppliers to find the correct products.
  • Finally, do tell your roughly purchase quantities of each item, so that they can check if can meet the MOQ of wholesaler or manufacturer.

All above 4 points are very important for Guangzhou market guide. If lack one point, it’s means double or 3 times energy the export agent should spend on. As they don’t know what is the correct one you want, and they have to focus on the question “what product you want”.

Focus on the key question you want

In the other words, Guangzhou market guide can’t spend their time to focus on “what is the best supplier for you”. Easy to understand, right? Correct products means the correct material, specifications, and functions. Meantime, best quality means the material, the technique, and the produce capability is acceptable or highlight. Furthermore, best price, means based on the same or similar material, functions, quality, whose price is cheapest.

In our opinion, business is based on trust and credit. While work effective and efficient have to based on completed information. Otherwise, can’t proceed smoothly and satisfied, then no meaning for next step. Guangzhou market guide don’t worry about too much time or cost, as it’s their service. But the results, finally should be influence our clients themselves.

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