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Guangzhou Market Guide help you export from China. Export from China is a popular trading business, millions foreign buyers come to China sourcing and buying. Normally they will hire a professional Market Guide company or Export Agent to service them. One of the most important reason is the service of Market Guide. Based on the comprehensive service of market guide, your purchasing process will be very easier. In fact, the market guide company or the export agent will handle all of the detailed work from sourcing to shipping.

Guangzhou Market Guide help you find the best suppliers

As we all know, the most important thing for a foreign buyer, is to find the best supplier. Even you have a very good idea of your interested products, however, you should have to face the price and quality. The best quality and price you get the product, the best competitiveness you will have in your local markets. So that your business will be better, and gain profit easier.

Guangzhou market guide is very familiar with the wholesale markets in China, in the city, or even they know well the business street, buildings. Furthermore, they have a good suppliers network. Usually, you think it’s very difficult to find the good suppliers you can place order, but the Guangzhou market guide will easily recommend you a supplier. Many foreign buyers are surprising and exciting for such service. Absolutely, this service will save you much time and energy, and you will enjoy your buying behavior.
Guangzhou market guide, now is step by step change their basic service. As we all know, the labor cost is higher then before in Guangzhou or some coastal cities. Although there are many big wholesale markets in Guangzhou, Yiwu, or other big cities. But the manufacturers are moving to other inland cities in China.

Then the situation is changing. How to find the best price with best quality goods? Such question indicated the demand of foreign buyers, but also means the challenge to survival for Guangzhou market guide company or Export agent. There are many useful methods to solve such dilemma, we shall discuss in other articles.

Comprehensive Service of Sourcing, Buying and Exporting

Excepting the market guide service, Guangzhou market guide company or Export Agent, they have a significantly benefits to whom hire the service. Comprehensive Service for your buying behavior and export process. Usually, we call it One-stop-solution.For instance, Market Guide service, not only the reason of best suppliers, but also for the comprehensive service.

Firstly, the market guide will help you record all of the detailed information of the products which you are interested. Including the product name, design No., materials, size, price, MOQ, etc. Moreover, they will also record the delivery time, packing requirements, and other related requirements you want.

Secondly, the market guide will help you negotiate the price, MOQ, or persuade the suppliers to accept your special requirements, such as private label.

Finally, the market guide will prepare a spreadsheet for you to check, all detailed information of the products there, you simply make decision whether place order or not.

One Stop Solution Serive

One stop solution service, not only in market guide service, but also in each process, such as order follow up, quality checking, goods collection and warehousing, etc. The key concept is that, you just make decision, they will do all of the detailed work on behalf of you. That why Guangzhou market guide or Export Agent are so popular in China foreign trade business.

The comprehensive service will easy your behavior not matter sourcing, buying, but also in export process. That is to say, same as market guide, they will help you all of the detailed work accordingly.For example, international transportation. After you finish your purchasing behavior, and place the orders. Then you will have to consider how to ship to your local market.

How to make decision that you choose air shipping, Sea freight shipping, or even Courier? You must know that difference shipping methods means different cost, and you surely want to choose the cheapest method.

But, how to make decision? In fact, there are many detailed works you have to prepare. You should calculate the PCS, Carto

ns, CBM, Weight such basic figures of your goods. Then you need understand well the detailed charge items, or the price quoted by the shipping company, etc. Furthermore, the shipping delivery time, the basic process of customs declarations in China, and so on.

Surely, it absolutely will occupy you huge time and energy. How do you consider to develop your business, reduce your cost, and enhance your work efficiency? Then you must feel happy to hire a professional Guangzhou market guide or

Export Agent. You will feel satisfied for their comprehensive service, absolutely.

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  • Sulaimon Waliyat Bolanle| 05/06/2019

    Could you please find me a very reliable market guide agent.
    You are aware of scammers, I don’t want bump into anyone of them, hence I need utmost sincerity with regards to my request

    • Kevin| 05/06/2019

      Hi Miss Waliyat, we already communicated via WhatsApp.
      Shall keep in touch and waiting for your fixed visit schedule.

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