Guangzhou Hardware Wholesale Market

Guangzhou hardware wholesale market-hardware and electricity distribution center

Located in the south of Guangzhou Avenue, so the transportation is convenient. It’s a large wholesale market of hardware and electricity. Mainly in hardware, power products. Through the concerted efforts of the hardware industry colleagues, after only a few years of development, it has quickly become the largest distribution center for hardware and electricity in Guangzhou and even in southern China. The hardware shops have also grown from the first few to the present. Geometry-level growth has become a golden treasure for the hardware industry, and it is in short supply.

Guangzhou hardware wholesale market is near to the  Nantian International Hotel Product wholesale market.A wide variety of sales, hardware tools, LEDs, various power tools and large machines. If you need any market product information, please feel free to contact us, E-mail:

hardware wholesale market

hardware wholesale market


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  • mamun2a| 29/03/2019

    Its not a hardware market, few hardware showroom here but not enough to say biggest wholesale.

    • Kevin| 30/03/2019

      hi Mamun, thanks for your comments. You are right. Because of our capacity of website, we can’t show too much pictures here. Also because our work need improve.
      Could you please send us some interested items via Email, we will send you a quotaion accordingly.
      If you want more pictures, we can send you more.

  • Hasan| 21/06/2019

    Can I get garden tool like weed trimmer here?

    • Kevin| 22/06/2019

      hi Hasan,
      Please check your mail, we can communicate via email directly.

  • Ashok| 21/06/2019

    Anybody can tell me where I can buy door and wardrobe accessories in Guangzhou. Which is the best wholesale market for such products in Guangzhou.

    • Kevin| 22/06/2019

      Hi Ashok, we sent you a mail, with a detailed quotation list. for your reference only.
      We can discuss further requirements of your interested items in Email.

  • Khan| 04/07/2019

    Hi I am Khan want to by Furniture enjis and handle scru etc where is the market in guangzhou

    • Kevin| 06/07/2019

      Hi Khan, today we sent you a mail, with some information.
      Please check. Thanks.

  • Rohan Kamal| 13/07/2019

    I want to know the biggest Hardware market, purpose to import hardware item to Bangladesh, as nearest destination from china to Bangladesh.

    • Kevin| 13/07/2019

      Hi Rohan,
      We need know what kind of your hardware, so that to tell you the correct market location.

  • Ikenna| 16/07/2019

    I need the address of the Guangzhou hardware wholesale market. I will be glad to have the address as soon as possible. I need some power tools.

    • Kevin| 16/07/2019

      Hi, We already send the detailed address to you via email.
      and also send you in wechat. please check.

  • Winnie Sikwese| 24/07/2019

    greetings! kindly contact me with the items you have in your store. i want to purchase some goods there myself- i will be traveling to Guangzhou. im from Zambia. my whatsapp and mobile line is +260977283666. please get back to me as soon as possible.

    • Kevin| 25/07/2019

      hi Winnie, we replied you a mail. please check.
      By the way, we are China buying agent, export agent. we don’t have own stock.
      but we can help you sourcing good products and suppliers.

  • afsal| 03/08/2019

    Hi this is afsal can I know where I can find good powertools manufactures In guanzou market

    • Kevin| 05/08/2019

      hi Afsal, we sent you a mail with some market address. please check.
      Any questions please contact us freely.

  • Ankit| 04/08/2019

    I want to buy tools , rigging hardware for reselling kindly guide with proper markets

    • Kevin| 05/08/2019

      Hi Ankit, gald to hear from you. Please contact us for further information.
      We are sourcing agent, can help you free sourcing, buying and export.
      Your interested items, we surely can help you find good supplier, before that, please send us more detailed information for idea.

  • Faisal| 16/08/2019

    Good day I am looking for door handles

    • Kevin| 16/08/2019

      Hi Faizal, well received your picture already.
      We replied your mail, will source and feedback you tomorrow.

  • Oliver| 19/08/2019

    Hi,I am looking to buy large stainless steel cable ties in Guangzhou,which hardware market would I find these at?

    • Kevin| 19/08/2019

      hi Oliver, as talked in phone, we sent you detailed information of the markets. please check.
      Anyway, there are many China manufacturers in Leqing city, where is the biggest producing hubs in China.
      We shall send you a quotation list later get from the factories.

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