Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market - China Buy Agent Guide Purchasing

Guangzhou glasses wholesale market is one of the biggest distribution centers in China. In fact, the top 3 biggest glasses markets are Guangzhou, Beijin and Suzhou. Here we mainly introduce Guangzhou glasses wholesale market. Generally, China buy agents are prefer to guide their clients wholesale purchasing in the glasses market. Because in the market, you can find any glasses you interested. Such as sunglasses, UV glasses, and other functions glasses. Meantime, you can find any kinds of materials as organic glass or resin lens. However, better to get a China buy agent to guide you wholesale purchasing in Guangzhou market.

China buy agent guide you wholesale purchasing in Guangzhou glasses market

In fact, there are many glasses market in Guangzhou. Most of the market are small. While the biggest one is Guangzhou Glasses City. Here we simply call it as Guangzhou glasses wholesale market. Following,  a China buy agent will guide you, how to wholesale purchasing in the Guangzhou market.

1. Basic information of the market

The glasses market locate in Zhanxi business circle. Where is the best and biggest distribution center of apparel and shoes in China. As we all know, foreign buyers who purchase clothes or footwear, mostly are interested in accessories. Such as glasses, bags, jewelry, etc.  Generally, China buy agents will recommend their clients to wholesale buying in the Guangzhou glasses market.

There are main and wing buildings in the glasses markets. Meantime, the market area is around 10,000 square meters. And more than 200 vendors are operating wholesale glasses in the market. Generally, the wholesale business is in the main building. A Guangzhou market guide will introduce the featured products of each floor.

  • (1) In the 1st and 2nd floors of main building, the featured products are glasses, and frame. You can find any kinds of glasses in the market.
  • (2) The 3rd floor is for glasses accessories. Such as spectacle case, and glasses cloth.
  • (3) The 4th floor is for all kinds of glasses machines, and material. Not only made in China. But also many imported products.
  • (4) In the wing building, also sales some glasses and frame. While there are some glasses processing and assembly shops.
    Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market - China buy agent guide purchasing

    Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market – China buy agent guide purchasing

    Guangzhou Market Guide - Comprehensive Service- 1-stop-solution

    Guangzhou Market Guide – Comprehensive Service– 1-stop-solution

2. Various categories of wholesale glasses

There are various categories in the Guangzhou glasses wholesale market. Normally, you can find any kinds of glasses with your market guide in Guangzhou. For example, sunglasses, shortsighted glass and UV glasses. And you can find other functions glasses easily. Such as presbyopic glasses, welding goggles, and so on. Of course, you can find any glasses in different material. For instance, glasses lenses, plexiglass glasses, and resin lens.

However, for fashion buyers, the most interesting things are not simply for functions or material. But mainly for the designs and styles. For example, full frame, half-glasses. And many branded fashion design frame styles. For men, women, and kids. By the way, the quality level is multiple choice. No matter low quality, middle, to top quality level. A Guangzhou market guide will help you find good suppliers easily.

As we all know, the glasses wholesale market is nearby Guangzhou Zhanxi clothing market. So that there are many foreigners sourcing fashion accessories with Guangzhou market guide. Normally, they will wholesale purchasing with China buy agent in the Guangzhou glasses market.

3. China agent guide you buy in Guangzhou glasses market

In fact, glasses is a very important categories in fashion collections. And many foreign buyers are prefer to source glasses, scarf, and bags. As well as Jewelry, belts, and wallets. Better for you to sourcing with a market guide in Guangzhou. And the China buy agent will help you wholesale purchasing in Guangzhou. Then help you export trade from China easily.

Shangjin is a professional China purchasing agent, if you need us help  you wholesale buying in Guangzhou market. And seeking export trade service. Please contact us.

Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market - China Guide buy agent for purchasing

Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market – China Guide buy agent for purchasing

Comment (6)

  • Kandeke| 25/06/2019

    I am trying to be a wholesale for my country Burundi africa, the problem here people like good quality but with no money would wish to acquire your best rate cost/quality frames and glasses

    • Kevin| 25/06/2019

      Hi Kandeke,
      Thanks for your messages. We sent you a mail, please check.
      Please feedback more detailed information, such as pictures for sens, and materail requirements of frames and glasses.
      Better to tell you roughly target price range and quantites. So that we can feedback you a correct and usefule quotation.

  • Berenice| 10/09/2020

    I’d like designer bags and glasses please

    • Kevin| 13/09/2020

      Dear Berenice, sure, there are large wholesale market in Guangzhou for designer bags and glasses, as well as famous manufactuer centers in the city.
      We are sourcing and buying agent company in Guangzhou, and help our clients buy from direct factory suppliers or wholesalers for small MOQ products.
      Generally we source based on our clients’ interested items, together with their requirements, then quote detailed products, and move ahead for purchasing process.
      We sent you a mail with some bags and glasses frame products catalogues, please check and reply us your detailed products specifications.Then we can sourcing and purchasing for you.

  • assina mohammed| 12/09/2020

    Hi i am in the optical business in morocco, i would like to import frames of glasses.
    can you please email me your catalog.
    Thank you.

    • Kevin| 20/09/2020

      Hi Assina, we already sent you a mail with some glass frame product catalogs, which comes from several professional glasses manufactuers.
      There is a whole sale center in Guangzhou, and more than 10 large sales buildings for glasses products and relevant accessories, we can easily find out your interested products.
      While we still need your detailed requirements, such as glasses frame material, designs or styles images, so that we can start sourcing and feedback you correct quotations.

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