Guangzhou Glasses Wholesale Market

One of the three famous glasses wholesale market distribution centers in China.


Guangzhou Glasses wholesale market City is located in Renmin Middle Road, also is the center of Guangzhou’s old town. And it mainly deals with glasses, eyeglass frames,  spectacle lenses. Besides, glasses processing machinery and other related products of domestic and foreign brands in here. Guangzhou City is currently the largest professional glasses market in South China.

Guangzhou Classes City operates low-end, mid-range, high-end glasses, means clients can find all kind of glass products in Guangzhou. It covers all national markets. So attracting a large number of foreign businessmen to purchase each year.


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  • Kandeke| 25/06/2019

    I am trying to be a wholesale for my country Burundi africa, the problem here people like good quality but with no money would wish to acquire your best rate cost/quality frames and glasses

    • Kevin| 25/06/2019

      Hi Kandeke,
      Thanks for your messages. We sent you a mail, please check.
      Please feedback more detailed information, such as pictures for sens, and materail requirements of frames and glasses.
      Better to tell you roughly target price range and quantites. So that we can feedback you a correct and usefule quotation.

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