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Clothing wholesale market is good for buying price, however, MOQ is always a barrier for a small order buyer. In our last article, we roughly indicated the factor of MOQ in garment wholesale market, please review Buying in China clothing wholesale market-1. However,

from this article, we should understand well the methods of MOQ calculating.

Clothing wholesale market

What is an MOQ in Clothing Wholesale Market

MOQ is the acronym for Minimum Order Quantity. It is always expressed as “ X-number of pieces per style of clothing, per colour of fabric, and per artwork”. The artwork normally means your print design, embroidery or sequins that you will embellish your clothes with. Your individual purchasing order means the manufacturer should prepare the materials and produce accordingly. That’s why the MOQ requirements arising.

In fact, it’s easy for us to understand the reasons of MOQ existing. Firstly, the manufacturer have to face the MOQ requirements from their fabrics and material suppliers. Secondly, it is also means a cost if they stop a production to get a new item instead of. Finally, the third reason is that, if dyeing or printing, the manufacturer need consider the usage of a specific amount to achieve a specific design requires. In conclusion, MOQ is a reality in a clothing manufacture and distribution supply chain.


What is Shangjin’s MOQ?

Shangjin doesn’t have an MQO, while our suppliers do. Since we normally sourcing and buying in clothing wholesale market, we should comply with the basic rules in the market. Although we can help to negotiate and get a smaller MOQ, we can’t avoid such basic requirements. Fortunately, there are so many clothing wholesale markets and manufacturers in Guangzhou, so that we can compare and negotiate to achieve your targets. As mentioned before, MOQ can be 10-20pcs, or 100-200pcs, all of the details based on the sellers. That is to say, difference in small and big manufacturers, or in difference wholesale markets.


How to calculate the MOQ?

Frankly, it seems a difficult way to calculate the MOQ, but in fact really a easy way. The most important is that, you have identified your requirements or you already have a sample. In other words, if you have confirmed your purchasing plan, then it’s easy to calculate the MOQ.

For example, if you want to buy a small MOQ of 1 style of T-shirt in 3 color without print, and 1 style T-shirt with 2 prints 3 color. Your calculated MOQ is 50 pieces per style, per colour, and per print. Do keep in mind that print will increase your MOQ.

T-shirt without prints: 50*Colour 1 + 50*Colour 2 + 50*Colour 3 = 150 pieces

T-shirt with prints: Print 1 × (3 × colour × 50pcs)+ Print 2 × (3 × colour × 50pcs) =300 pieces

Here as a remind, when you calculate the MOQ in your OEM purchasing in the garment wholesale market, you should think more about the factors which will impact the quantities in advance. The basic calculate methods is same as above exampled. However, you should overall consider the entire design. For instance, the MOQ of fabrics, dyeing, printing, style, accessories, etc. The most effective way is to choose mixed color, mixed design, or free size, in order to reach the best cost performance.

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