China Sourcing Agent Helps You Find the Best Vendors

China Export Agent Help You Sourcing And Buying In Guangzhou Market

China Sourcing Agent Helps You Find the Best Vendors. Sure, this is the reason why China Sourcing Agent are so popular in China export trading. A professional China Sourcing Agent is absolutely has the capability to sourcing and buying the best products for you. Otherwise, they can’t survival in the fierce competition of service business currently. As we all know, the foreign trade business are to be better and better, almost everyone knows the benefit of export and import business. Absolutely, it’s an chance, but also a challenge for China Sourcing Agent.

Key Service of China Sourcing Agent

China Sourcing and export Agent, means the key service is sourcing and find the best products, the best suppliers, or manufacturers for foreign buyers. Although the China sourcing agent also is welcome for his one stop solution service. Such as market guide, order follow, QC, warehouse and export service. But the basic service is no barrier, or even no advantage compare with shipping forwarders. From till to now, the key service for China Sourcing Agent is that, how to find the best vendors with best price, best quality products for their foreign buyers.

More than 10 years ago, as all of the market information is not so transparent for the foreign buyers, and even for the manufacturers. So that the China sourcing agent can easily find the best suppliers and recommend to the foreign buyers. It is really a golden time for the China Sourcing Agent. It’s so easy to get the satisfaction from their clients. And their export business are easily to be better and better.

But for nowadays, seems difficult. Or means more and more small China sourcing agent goes out of business. Because, the market information is easily to spread, no matter in China, or to international. More and more manufacturers set up their own foreign trade team, and attend the international exhibitions, or advertising in the internet. So that, the foreign buyers can easily find the correct manufacturers, and place order directly to them. On the other side, as no entry barriers, the competitiveness in the China sourcing agent business are to be strictly. The core competitiveness is step by step from basic comprehensive service to professional and expertise service quality.

The Chance for the Export Trading Business

Since the business of China sourcing agent is to be difficulty, we should consider and find a useful method, in order to survival. How should we do then? The cost competitiveness are to be lower because of the labor cost; and many products can be produced in cheaper price in other countries who have lower labor cost. Seems no chance, or don’t have a good future for China sourcing agent. Really?

Shangjin Trading don’t think so. Or if we can focus on the question of “what is a China sourcing agent”, it’s easily for us to find a sunny way to sustain and develop. How to do then? I think, we should focus on the demand of our clients, to meet the requirements of the foreign buyers.

Lower cost and cheap price, always means a market position for a certain products. Don’t worry. Although now, in fact, cost of Chinese products are to be higher. But we should know, it’s a nature result of industry upgrade. For example, Clothing industry in China. Sure, the cost is higher, and many old clients move to purchase from India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, etc. Is it like the France branded who purchase from Korean or Japan 10 years ago? Or we can consider, no matter the cost is increasing. But the produce technique, the quality, the image, the fashion design, is developing too. This is the point, where we think the chance existing.

Sourcing Competitive products in China

China Sourcing Agent, should never be only “sourcing” service, but should focus on “China” sourcing service. For instance, Clothing too. If clients want to high quality, you should sourcing in Guangzhou, Dongguang, Shenzhen. But if client want to a cheaper price but fashion style, you should sourcing in Wenzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao. Of course, there are surely be other competitive manufacturers locate in other cities. But here, we simply want to clarify, that we can focus on the industry hub for one certain products. Textile in Zhejiang, Shoes in Fujian and Wenzhou. Hardware in Youngkang, Electronics in Shenzhen. And Household appliance in Ningbo, etc.

We should step by step change our thinking. Do not only focus on the area we are familiar, but we should understand more. The most important thing is that, we need understand what’s mean “China”. And sourcing products widely in China for export trading. Focus on the products supplier chain, and industry center, the only thing changing is that, we should management the inland transportation process. Absolutely, it’s easy for an experienced China export trading agent.

Purchasing from the Best Vendors

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