China LED Lighting Wholesale Market

Zhongshan Shidai LED lighting wholesale market of lamps and lanterns lighting , is unique in the Guzhen of large super market.

Zhongshan Shidai LED lighting wholesale market is a unique large super market in Guzhen. And mainly engaged in lamps and lanterns lighting. Meanwhile focus on the top lighting brands at home and abroad, leading the world lighting industry trends and fashion. It’s also the ancient town of the first commercial operations management market, provide a consolidated business services and specialized marketing channels. On the other hand, with a total investment of more than 700 million RMB, full of lighting inside the square. Market offers lighting supporting, installation services, design, after-sales service and so on.

The market address is: no. 12 xinxing middle road, guzhen town, zhongshan city.

lighting wholesale market

lighting wholesale market


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