China Export Agent – Sourcing Wholesale Buying From Online Supplier

China Export Agent - Sourcing Wholesale Buying From Online Supplier -

China export agent sourcing and wholesale buying from Online suppliers. Is it interesting, right? Because of the sales channels changing. More and more China wholesalers or manufactures have their own online shops. Which means less operating cost and can launch more samples online shops. So that China export agent also focus on to sourcing and wholesale buying from online suppliers. In fact, many experienced foreign buyers are wholesale buying from China online suppliers too. Of course, there are still not so popular for most of the import and export buyers. Additionally, Guangzhou wholesale markets in China is still have strong competitiveness. To sourcing and purchasing from wholesale market, are still the majority export methods for most of the buyers and guide agents.

As a professional China export agent, we’d like to guide you sourcing and buying from online suppliers. Following are 5 most famous platforms. Which are the best places of online wholesale sourcing and buying from China suppliers.

Brief Introduction of the 5 online shopping platforms

China Export Agent Sourcing Products Wholesale Buying From Online Supplier

Sourcing and wholesale buying from online, is generally a good channel to export from China. In fact, buying from online can save you much time. And you can understand China suppliers and products much easier. Of course, you can compare and discuss with the China suppliers directly. Many Guangzhou sourcing agent like to find good suppliers online. Then recommend good suppliers to their clients. Below, we shall introduce details of the each online shopping platform one by one.

1. How to buy from online suppliers with China export agent

(1) History and featured business of

1688 is the main business of Ali Group. Since Ma Yun founded it in 1999, 1688 is the leading domestic e-commerce trade platform. And it is mainly for small manufacturers in China. Furthermore, 1688 provide business opportunities and information for tens of millions of China buyers and suppliers in the worldwide. Meantime, it provides convenient and safe online sourcing and wholesale buying products. There are many China agent deal with 1688, sourcing, buying and export from the suppliers.

1688 takes wholesale and purchase online as the core value. Through specialized operation, and improve customer experience. So that overall optimize the business model of enterprise e-commerce. At present, 1688 has covered 16 industries. Including raw materials, industrial products. and clothing, shoes, bags, etc. Meantime, accessory, household department stores, and small commodities. Furthermore, it provides a series of supply chain services from raw materials purchase, to production and processing. And to spot wholesale. Now China export agent also prefer to sourcing and wholesale buying from the suppliers. As well as they purchasing from Guangzhou wholesale markets.

(2) The Advantages of Alibaba

  • 1. 1688 is the largest online wholesale shopping market. And it is a completed business community in the world.
  • 2.  1688 is the largest B2B e-commerce market in the world. There are many China export agent sourcing and wholesale buying from online suppliers.
  • 3. 1688’s home page is very comprehensive. And the layout is very reasonable. Meantime, the style is simple and personality. Furthermore, the most important thing is the “Pinyin Search Engine”. Which is exclusive of other websites.
  • 4. 1688 has a very large control-ability. And the theme is clear. They always focus on who want to buying from online China suppliers.
  • 5. 1688 has a high brand awareness and humanized service. So that buyers or suppliers are always trust the platform, and develop wholesale buying business from the China online chains.
  • 6. 1688 has a very thorough understanding of the e-commerce market. So that they always can find the good products and manufacturers as their China suppliers resource. And they can attract many foreign buyers sourcing and wholesale purchasing from their online shops.
  • 7. 1688 continues to innovate and has deep internal strength. Which has become the greatest advantage.
  • 8. 1688 insists on doing any business. Means they sourcing and advertising any kinds of interesting goods. With competitive price and quality level. That’s why China export agent like to sourcing and wholesale buying from 1688 online shops.

(3) Alibaba’s Business Model

  • 1. Specializing in information flow. And gathering a large amount of market supply and demand information. In fact, the fast update of information and high credit, have attracted many China suppliers and manufacturers.
  • 2. Adopt the local website construction method. Meantime, adopt the local language for different countries. Not only easy to read. But also have affinity. In fact, Alibaba website has many different languages. So that users can choose different language forms to make it easy to understand.
  • 3. The free website registration attracts so many China suppliers and manufacturers to log into the platform to register. Then becomes the members. And gathers into the business flows. So that creates unlimited business opportunities through the continuous flow of information. As more and more people become the registered members or suppliers. Then information is constantly updated. And traffic is increasing. So that make Alibaba become the world’s largest B2B website.
  • 4. Alibaba’s credibility is very high. Which attracts a large number of China suppliers and manufacturers to operate it by the form of advertising. Because Alibaba is hard to be imitated. And it has attracted more and more registered users. Of course, there are many China export agent sourcing and wholesale buying from online suppliers or manufacturers.
  • 5. Alibaba’s logistics system and distribution service system are becoming more and more perfect. So that the delivery efficiency keeps being better. And the management cost keeps being lower.
  • 6. Establish various service information points. And always advertising it. In order to let users know Alibaba and trust Alibaba. That’s why China export agent recommend their clients to sourcing and wholesale buying online from 1688 suppliers and manufacturers.

(4) Alibaba’s Profit Model

The biggest characteristic of Alibaba’s profit model is that, it is difficult to imitate. Because it is difficult to imitate, so it brings the great benefits. Why to be difficult to imitate?  Following aspects show the secrets.

  • 1. Alibaba leads the first E-commerce business in China. Because it’s biggest. And most China suppliers and manufacturers gather here. In fact, it means supply chains resource.
  • 2. Alibaba has successfully carried out enterprise credit certification. And opened the door of great income. When everyone trust the online platform. Then the business keeps developing.
  • 3. Alibaba and foreign purchasers have the advantage of providing information on the largest scale. And based on honest communication. Which is difficult for other website to imitate.
  • 4. Alibaba launched keyword search. Moreover, their advertising team are powerful. And they always can catch the key words very well for searching online.
  • 5. Alibaba’s key skills are not so many. But the simplicity, consistence, combination and effectiveness of the skills are very prominent. Based on such skills, the profits are to be very large.
  • 6. Establishment of China suppliers and manufacturers websites. And support them website promotion online. As well as integrity and trade links are Alibaba’s profit models. Because these websites lead the e-commerce for China export agent to sourcing wholesale buying.
  • 7. Alibaba’s profit points have several channels. For instance, honesty and security, brand qualification. Meantime, fast and convenient, low cost. As well as wide channels and massive information. And so on.
    Sourcing and wholesale buying from online - China sourcing agent

    Sourcing and wholesale buying from online – China sourcing agent

    China suppliers and manufacturers - sourcing and wholesale buying from online

    China suppliers and manufacturers – sourcing and wholesale buying from online

(5) How to Search the Goods in the

It is very important for foreign buyers. And China export agent always use 1688 to sourcing and wholesale buying from online suppliers. For example, if you going to search the leather furniture online. Then you enter to the website. And type the name of goods you are seeking for. In that time, you will find some styles of the leather furniture products name. Such as leather sofa, leather bed, or leather furniture materials. For you to choose. As well as the styles of American, Italian or modern style. If you choose the European style. Then the next page will show you all kinds of sofa. Which are belong to the European style.

Detailed steps to sourcing online in
  1. In this page, at the bottom of each picture, it will show you the basic information of the suppliers or manufacturers. And it will show you belongs to the distribution or production. Furthermore, you can find if have its own factory or not. Meantime, you will find the recent sales. Of course, you can find any detailed specifications of the leather sofa. Such as leather material, color, size, etc.
  2. Beside these, if you feel that you don’t have any ideas. When you enter into this page, at the top of this page, it shows your all the categories to choose. So that can largely save your time to search the goods.
  3. If you have any questions for the goods you searched. Then you can come to ask the shop or leave the message. If you are interested in the styles of the shop, you can enter into the shop and check all the product they supply. Step by step, you must can find the satisfying sofa. Then you can compare the quality, and price. As well as the MOQ and delivery time. In order to find the best suppliers or China manufacturers online.

2. How to buy from online suppliers with China export agent

(1) History and featured business of made-in-China

The online platform founded in 1998. And is a leading third-party B2B e-commerce platform in China market. Furthermore, it dedicate to serving the global trade business. Not only providing high quality China products and suppliers. But also support China manufacturers information for global buyers. In fact, many China export agent like to sourcing and wholesale buying from the suppliers and manufacturers online shops. focus on China suppliers and manufacturers. Especially developing the small and medium China suppliers. Since the online platform is developing more than 20 years. There are huge database to support the supply chain with many China suppliers and manufacturer. And many China export agent sourcing and wholesale buying from online suppliers. Moreover, many foreign buyers welcome China suppliers from made-in-China. Because they are always supply good quality and cheap price categories.

(2) The Advantages of made-in-China

The advantages of can divide into three aspects. Many China export agent will introduce to their clients to sourcing and wholesale buying from online suppliers.

  1. Firstly, because of the professional assortment. The visitors are more pertinent and effective. And most of them are China manufacturers or suppliers. In fact, you can find almost all of the categories in the online shops. Generally, the products can classify to 24 categories. While each categories can divide into several sub-categories. So that each product category will concentrate on industry and supply chain support. Of course, will help the China suppliers improve the image of their online shops. And help them promote or advertising to attract more wholesale buyers.
  2. Secondly, is gathering all the products information in China. And they always try to introduce China products to global buyers. Moreover, its information platform and free services create extremely convenient to the buyers. And most of China export agent will sourcing and find the best suppliers or manufacturers from online shops.
  3. Thirdly, is different from other B2B platforms. Because they always focus on heavy industries. And the main products are machines. Such as machinery, building materials and vehicle heavy industries. It’s easy for China export agent to find good suppliers of machines, and special products.
    China Export Agent Sourcing Products Wholesale Buying From Online Supplier

    China Export Agent Sourcing Products Wholesale Buying From Online Supplier

    buying from online suppliers and export - made in China

    buying from online suppliers and export – made in China

(3) Made-in-China Profit Model

Made in China get profit from the member ship fees every year. There are two kinds of Made-in-china members. The best one is gold member. And another is AS certified supplier. Generally, China export agent knows about it well. And they surely will introduce you the detailed information.

The price of gold member is 21,600 rmb per year. While for AS certified supplier is 31,100 rmb. As a gold members purchaser, you can enjoy the following services.

  1. First, search products by entering keywords on the home page of Or find products through the China product catalog. As well as the contact information of China suppliers. By the way, China export agent always sourcing and find best suppliers in the website.
  2. Second, you can contact the China suppliers directly. If you find some interested products, you can discuss detailed business terms with the China suppliers or manufacturers directly.
  3. Third, you can release sourcing or purchasing information in the online platform. Moreover, you can add purchasing information to the business board. So that many China export agent or suppliers will contact you. Of course, the China manufacturers will show you many competitive products with good price and quality.
  4. Fourth, you can use fee-based trade services. Which is always effective and help you develop trade with China suppliers or manufacturers.

(4) How to find the best products or suppliers in

Sourcing and wholesale buying online from made-in-China, is really easy for China export agent. Because the online platform is developing for user. So that the website and online shops surely will guide you how to sourcing good China products or suppliers.

  1. First step, you need to enter website of And you can try to type the product name that you are seeking for. Such as fabric, clothing, shoes or bags.
  2. Second step, you need clarify what specifications of the products you are interested. How to proceed? It’s easy. Because you simply need to type the keyword in the search blank. Such as  “cotton”, “polyester” or related words. Click confirm button, please. You will find many similar or same items you interested.
  3. Third, check and compare each supplier, and their products. So that you can find which one is the best supplier for you.
  4. Additionally, as a remind. When you enter to each product page. There are some detailed specifications of the products. Such as material composition, size, and color. Moreover, the technique, functions, or special points of the products. If you have any questions, just ask the suppliers directly. Generally, a professional seller will service online 24 hours. So that you can discuss more detailed requirements of the products. Until you make decision to place orders. In fact, your China export sourcing and find the good suppliers or products like this. Is it not so skillful work, right? However, it is really a hard work. Because you have to check and compare every potential suppliers before you find the best one.

3. How to buy from DHgate

To speak frankly, China export agent don’t like to sourcing and wholesale buying from there. Why? Because the suppliers or products are not so competitive in the online shops. And sometimes, if you are lucky, you maybe will meet will some bad suppliers. Of course, it’s not so frequently. But for business man, one time you lost goods, or receive bad quality goods. It’s always means lost money. Or even lost your clients.

(1) What is DHgate?

It is a professional online platform which gather with many small to medium-sized suppliers in China. How to say. The online platform is not so bad. But to compare with Alibaba or made-in-China, there are lack of highlights. Although the website is the first one of e-commercial in China. And they have featured advantages as below. But who care about that?

  • 1.Fifteen-year-old professional cross-border e-commerce platform
  • 2.Two million suppliers all over in China
  • 3.50 + National Customs Clearance Capacity. And 200 + Logistics Special Line 17 Overseas Warehouses
  • 4.Over 21 million registered buyers have been registered. Which covering 222 countries and regions worldwide.

(2) Characteristics of the online shop

  1. VIP club. Which have three levels: bronze, silver and gold. And the membership fees are $1500,$3000 and $8000, per year. Is it expensive? Yes, China export agent generally consider it expensive. Not so good service. But why charge so much?  Because of the service like: exclusive accounts, and free sample delivery? Is it should be true?
  2. Professional forums and lectures. Yes, there are many useful articles in the forum of Dunhuang. And it is convenient for members to study. But, in fact, there are many good or better forums in China. And they are all free for everyone. Furthermore, most of the experienced writers prefer to launch their articles in the free forums.
  3. Supporting loan services to sellers. Dunhuang and CCB cooperate to build online credit loan service.While the interest on the loan is 1% of the loan amount. Which saves the cost cycle. As a China export agent, we’d like to ask: for sales or for loan? What are you selling? And what are you service? Especially, when you meet some scams from there. So how about the managements or credit of the platform?

Not so welcome in my opinion. And most of the service are not so attractive. Anyway, it is a professional online platform in China. And there are still many China suppliers or manufacturers developing their business in the website.

4. How to buy from ebay

For ebay, personally think it’s a mature and successful online platform. While the sales position is difference from alibaba or made-in-China. How to say, ebay is mainly for good quality and higher price. But the credit or the service of the suppliers online is good enough. And it’s a good online shop for small order buyers or business starters. Many of the buyers from USA and Europe, are sourcing and wholesale buying from the online suppliers. But it is not the good place for China export agent. Why? Because the suppliers or manufactures are not the best ones in China.

(1) Ebay’s three featured ways of selling goods

Ebay has 37 independent websites and portals all over the world. And its main global sales sites are: American, British, Australian, and German. As well as French, and Chinese. Moreover, it covers more than 190 countries and regions. With nearly 300 million users and supports 23 languages worldwide. By the way, China export agent will not sourcing and wholesale buying from the online shop. Because most of the suppliers are not the source in China. And the price and quality are not the best. Moreover, the suppliers are generally can’t support bulk orders.

  1. Auction. The seller first sets the starting price and online time of the product. Then starts the auction. And finally sells the highest amount of bidding when it goes down the line. Of course, the highest bidder is the winner of the product.
  2. Buyout price. Sellers can set satisfactory transaction prices. But do not allow bargaining. And set up up up up to 30 days of goods online time. So that goods can be fully displayed. If it is more than one item, you can also choose “most quantity publication” to complete all sales publications at one time.
  3. Auction and buyout price. Sellers choose to auction. Then set the starting price. And add “one price” (that is, the transaction price you are satisfied with) from the auction. So that buyers can either buy through auction. Or can choose to shoot immediately, with higher flexibility.
    ebay - 3

    ebay – 3

    ebay - furniture business

    ebay – furniture business

    Fashion - ebay

    Fashion – ebay

ebay-China Export Agent Sourcing Wholesale Buying From Online Supplier

ebay-China Export Agent Sourcing Wholesale Buying From Online Supplier

(2) Advantages and Disadvantages of ebay

Advantages of ebay.
  1. The threshold for opening a shop is low. For instance, compared with Amazon, eBay has a lower threshold for opening stores. And less cumbersome procedures for opening stores.
  2. Professional customer service support. Ebay Customer Service still provides good support for Chinese sellers. Including telephone support and network conversation.
  3. Diversification of pricing methods. Ebay has launched a series of new pricing methods. Including no-bottom-price bidding. And bottom-price bidding. Or pricing sales, one-price trading. And so on.
Disadvantages of ebay.
  1. The operation interface is not friendly.Because the operating interface of eBay platform is mainly in English. So it is not easy to operate for other non-English buyers.
  2. Lack of payment methods. Ebay generally use PayPal payment. And audit process is long. That’s means some certain risky of funds.
  3. Single mode of logistics. Generally, sellers have orders mainly spontaneous delivery. And the cost of early operation is relatively small.
  4. There are many charge items. Ebay stores are elementary. You can choose intermediate or advanced. However, the rates are different for each level of stores.

Ebay is generally for small order amount buyers. Or for some retail business. While for the suppliers, they are also small re-sellers. In fact, ebay is like a game more than an online shopping platform. As a professional China export agent, we don’t use Ebay for sourcing or buying. Absolutely, it’s no meaning for our wholesale business.

5. How to buy from AliExpress

AliExpress is a famous online trading platform too. And it is operating with Alibaba to the global market. Meantime, Taobao International Edition, seems the alias of AliExpress. Why? Because the operation models are similar with Taobao. For instance, products are edited into online information. And distributed overseas through AliExpress. Meantime, payment and logistics are integrated too. In order to help small and medium-sized China suppliers or manufacturers to contact terminal wholesale retailers. Then sell quickly in small batches, and expand profit margin.

By the way, the charges of AliExpress is interesting. Generally, they use free registration. But need charge 3% to 9.15% of the total transaction amount as commission of the online platform. If the seller uses Alipay to make the transaction, Alibaba will only charge a 3% Commission during the concession period. Is it interesting, right? Just like China export agent charge their clients for service commission.

(1) Product Distribution of AliExpress

AliExpress covers 30 first-class industry categories. Including appliances, apparel, home furnishings, accessories, etc. And the related industries or categories are daily using commodities. For instance, clothing, apparel, and mobile communication. Meantime, shoes, bags, and beauty health products. As well as jewelry, watches, consumer electronics. Moreover, computer network, home, automobile and motorcycle accessories, etc. In fact, almost any kinds of China products, can sourcing and wholesale buying from AliExpress online suppliers. So that many China export agent will sourcing from the online suppliers. In order to find good China suppliers or manufacturers. But in fact, China export agent will not purchase from the online shops directly. Because the China export agents are always contact the suppliers or manufacturers to negotiate a better price.

(2) AliExpress Suitable Products

As a normal concept, products selling online shops, generally have same featured advantages. As a professional China export agent, we list below. In order to remind those who are business starters or small order buyers. To help them how to sourcing and wholesale buying from online suppliers in China.

  • (1) Small size. In order to match express transportation requirements. So that can reduce the cost of international logistics.
  • (2) Single goods with higher added value. If lower value but big volumes, means high shipping cost. And small profit margin to re-sell in local market.
  • (3) Commodities have their own characteristics. And goods with good online trading performance. In the same words, means the goods should be individual or fashion designs. So that consumers will be attractive to pay money for it.
  • (4) The price is reasonable. If the price of online trading is higher than the local market price of the product. It will not attract buyers to place orders online. And considering about shipping cost, customs duties, and related cost. The price of online shops, should be much cheaper. Of course, there are another deadline, the wholesale price in China markets. If the price is similar, then still can consider to purchase.
    China wholesale - Jewelry and apparel accessories market in Guangzhou

    China wholesale – Jewelry and apparel accessories market in Guangzhou



    AliExpress - sourcing and wholesale buying from online supplier in China

    AliExpress – sourcing and wholesale buying from online supplier in China




China export agent sourcing and wholesale buying from Online suppliers. However, the China export agent generally sourcing and purchasing in wholesale markets. Because in the wholesale market, the China export agent can check and compare the products, discuss with the suppliers or manufacturers face to face. Anyway, sourcing and wholesale buying from online, is an effective way for China export agent. Not only for the China suppliers and manufacturers resource. But also because of the sales channels changing. To be a professional China export agent, they always should be the specialists in China wholesale market. As well as online shopping methods.



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