Canton Fair 2019 China Import & Export Fair – Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

Canton Fair 2019 China Import & Export Fair - Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

Canton Fair 2019, China import & export fair for manufacturers, factory and wholesale buyers with sourcing agents. It is the most famous exhibition in the world. In fact, it is a feast for all of the business man. Not only foreign buyers who purchasing from China. But also for China manufacturers and trade Agents. Generally, almost every China import & export companies or manufacturers will attend the Canton Fair. There are thousands of China manufacturers, factories, wholeslers and sourcing agents. Most of the China manufacturers and sourcing agents will join twice each year with their products or service. Especially for China sourcing agents.

Why so important the import & export fair for the companies? Because the China agent will help foreign buyers sourcing, purchasing and export from Guangzhou China. In order to find good clients in Canton fair. Service wholesale buying and export from China, is the main purpose of each Guangzhou trade agent.

China Sourcing Agent Guide You Enjoy Canton Fair To Import & Export From Guangzhou Wholesale Buying

1. What is Canton Fair?

Canton Fair, formal name is “China Import and Export Fair”. General speaking, it is the largest import & export trade fair in China. Furthermore, Canton Fair is a comprehensive exhibition. Mainly focus on international import and export purpose, and China sourcing agent seeking their clients in Guangzhou. Meantime, China manufacturers show there products and launch the new products. In fact, canton fair hold twice each year. And one is in Spring and another in Autumn.

Canton Fair is famous for its huge scale of categories and products. Normally including all kinds of the items that used in daily life. Moreover, it is an amazing feast for import & export trade company and sourcing agents in Guangzhou China. Generally, each session, the buyers visit the fair. And will start business with China manufacturers or Guangzhou trade companies or sourcing agent for export buying. Usually, the inquiries will send after they come back hometown.

2.Who is better to visit Canton Fair?

Although Canton Fair is very popular and well know in the world. but it not means everyone should attend the import & export fair. Following, as a professional Guangzhou sourcing agent, we’d like to introduce who is better to enjoy import & export Fair.

Enjoy import & export fair with a Guangzhou sourcing agent to understand China manufacturer better.
(1) Business starters learn China manufacturers and Guangzhou sourcing agent

If you are a business starter. Who want to know what products from China manufacturer can achieve a good sales in local market. Then better for you to visit the canton fair. Of course, you’d better visit import & export fair before you start business. Because a Guangzhou sourcing agent will remind you the big MOQ in Canton Fair of China manufacturers.

(2) Experienced business men sourcing more competitive categories to develop sales

If you are an experienced foreign buyer. And you want sourcing and buying more categories to export from China with a Guangzhou trade agent. In order to enlarge the products range that existed. Then you’d better to sourcing China manufacturers and Guangzhou buying agent in the import & export fair. Of course, if you try to find more good China manufacturers with cheaper price or better quality. Just come to enjoy the China import and export fair with a Guangzhou sourcing agent. Absolutely, it is the best choice for you.

(3) Fashion buyers to seeking more fashion trends and elements for their business or designs.

Moreover, Canton Fair is good for a fashion buyer. Or merchandiser, or products engineering. Why to say so? Because it is very helpful to seeking fashion trends and elements in the import & export fair. Especially with a Guangzhou sourcing agent. In the Canton Fair, you will find many China manufactures. And each of the China manufacturer will display their new design and new products.  So that you can communicate with the China manufacturers. And you can gather much useful information or idea from the fresh products or designs.

(4) Others who are interested in Canton Fair

There are many researchers who enjoy the Canton Fair. Same as Guangzhou sourcing agent seeking clients for buying and export from China. The researchers are seeking new information or data of industries. And they are enjoy industry meeting, fashion show. As well as new products launch event.

By the way, many individual persons will visit the Canton Fair. Usually in the last day of the phase. Why? Because they go around to seek some interesting new products. Or they want to buy some daily commodities. Because most of the exhibitors will sell their samples when the phase finished.  And the price are extremely lower then normal.

Of course, China sourcing agent or buying agent will attend the import & export fair, no matter they locate in Guangzhou or not. Obviously, they want to find new clients. Or introduce their service to foreigners.

Guangzhou sourcing agent - buying and export from China manufacturer

Guangzhou sourcing agent – buying and export from China manufacturer

Guangzhou Market Guide - Sourcing buying and export with China purchasing agent

Guangzhou Market Guide – Sourcing buying and export with China purchasing agent

3.What’s the exhibition time of Canton Fair?

Generally, the schedule of Canton fair is fixed. Every year are roughly same. Normally, middle April to early May for spring session. And middle October to early November for Autumn session. Following list for your information. Which already list the schedule of the 125th-126th Sessions. Spring and Autumn in 2019. China manufacturer or Guangzhou sourcing agent will prepare to attend the import & export fair half years before.

Session Phase Entrance for Exhibitors Entrance for buyers
Spring Session Phase 1 Apr. 15-19, 9:00-18:00 Apr. 15-19, 9:30-18:00
Phase 2 Apr. 23-27, 9:00-18:00 Apr. 23-27, 9:30-18:00
Phase 3 May. 1-May.5, 9:00-18:00 May. 1-May. 5, 9:30-18:00
Autumn Session Phase 1 Oct. 15-19, 9:00-18:00 Oct. 15-19,9:30-18:00
Phase 2 Oct. 23-27, 9:00-18:00 Oct. 23-27, 9:30-18:00
Phase 3 Oct. 31-Nov. 4, 9:00-18:00 Oct. 31-Nov. 4, 9:30-18:00

4.What’s the product category of Canton Fair?

Canton Fair is famous for its huge China manufacturers and products. Including all of the daily life commodities. And many Guangzhou sourcing agents seeking clients and manufacturers in the China import & export fair. Is it amazing? Sure, come on! And join us.

Phase 1

October 15-19, 2019

Phase 2

October 23-27, 2019

 Phase 3

October 31- November 4, 2019

  • Consumer Electronics and Information Products
  • Electronic and Electrical Products
  • New Energy Resources
  • Household Electrical Appliances
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Vehicle Spare Parts
  • Vehicles
  • Power and Electrical Equipment
  • Construction and Agricultural Machinery
  • Construction and Agricultural Machinery
  • Hardware
  • Tools
  • Building and Decoration Materials
  • Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment
  • Chemical Products
  • Kitchenware & Tableware
  • General Ceramics
  • Household Items
  • Personal Care Products
  • Toiletries
  • Clocks, Watches & Optical Instruments
  • Toys
  • Gifts and Premiums
  • Festival Products
  • Art Ceramics
  • Glass Artware
  • Weaving, Rattan and Iron Arts
  • Home Decorations
  • Gardening Products
  • Stone/Iron Decoration & Outdoor Spa Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Pet Products & Food

5. How to attend the Canton fair?

It is a little complexity for a new starter to attend the Canton fair. Because there are several process need to proceed. However, the most important thing is to get your buyer card. Otherwise, you can’t visit the canton fair. What is buyer card? The Buyer card (badge) is the only official admission to Canton Fair. And you can get the badge at Canton Fair Registration office. If you hire a Guangzhou sourcing agent, they can help you save much time to join the China import & export fair.

There are many methods for you to choose. And according to your convenience.

As a remind, there are some fees for a foreigner if you are the first time to visit. For instance, 100 rmb for badge cost. If you want a translator to accompany you. And assist you in business communication. Then you have to pay for the entrance ticket for the interpreter. Generally 300 rmb/day for one translator.

To speak frankly, it is no meaning for you to hire an interpreter. Because every China manufacturer in the import & export fair, has sales man who speak English, no need to hire a Guangzhou sourcing agent inside.

China Sourcing Agent Guide You Enjoy Canton Fair To Import & Export From Guangzhou Wholesale Buying

China Sourcing Agent Guide You Enjoy Canton Fair To Import & Export From Guangzhou Wholesale Buying

 6. How is the scale of attendance each year?

Following is some statistics data of Canton Fair, for your information. As you can see, the attendance are very huge in each Canton fair season. And foreign buyers come from even every country. That’s why Guangzhou become the import & export center in China, even in the world. And China manufacturers are famous in the world. By the way, we can understand why China sourcing agent are welcome for buying and export service in Guangzhou.

Year Number of Buyers Number of Countries and Regions
Spring Session Autumn Session Spring Session Autumn Session
2018 203,346 189,812 214 215
2017 196,490 191,950 213 213
2016 185,596 185,704 210 213
2015 184,801 177,544 216 213
2014 188,119 186,104 214 211
2013 202,766 189,646 211 212
2012 Almost 210,000 188,145 213 211
2011 207,103 209,175 209 210
2010 203,996 200,612 212 208
2009 165,436 188,170 209 212

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