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Best way to shipping from China market, is a key point in your purchasing from China. Actually, best shipping way means lowest shipping cost. With fastest delivery time. And safest shipping from China. If you are purchasing from China market. You’d better to find a China export agent partner. Generally, a professional export agent will help you purchasing from China market. Furthermore, the export agent will suggest you the best way of shipping from China. And proceed all the work on your behalf. In fact, a professional export agent can shipping from any port in China cities. For example, Guangzhou export agent can help you purchasing and shipping from Shanghai, Ningbo, and Wenzhou. As well as Yiwu, Shenzhen. Or other cities in China market.

How to choose the best way to shipping from China market? There are 3 steps. That you should keep in mind. First is to know the products you purchasing from China market. Second is to know what shipping way you can choose. And finally, you need an export agent to help you buy and delivery in China markets.

Identify products that you are seeking for import

1. Various categories in China market

Purchasing from China and resell in your local market. It’s a wisdom and popular business. Excitingly, in China market, there are many featured and competitive products. For example, cheap textile , fabric materials, and fashion clothing. Meantime, branded design apparel accessories, shoes and bags. As well as furniture, building materials, home decorations. Which are all the best choice for you to buying from China market. Additionally, electronics, appliance, and vacuum cleaner products is very famous in China market too.

In fact, there are many manufacturer hubs in China. And China export agent know the cities well. For instance, cheap and fashion sports shoes is in Fujian and Guangzhou. While fashion and elegant lady’s dresses are in Ningbo, Dongguan, and Shanghai. If you need cheap commodities, better to sourcing and purchasing from Wenzhou China. No matter good quality fabric material of silk, cotton, chiffon. Or leather, fur, and other textile products. There are surely have a city. Where locate many China factories and manufacturers. Of course, before you purchasing from the China cities. Please consider about the shipping way with your export agent.

2. Focus on your featured products

Shipping way always based on your products purchasing from China market. Before you shipping from China. You’d better confirm in your country side. If you have the rights to purchasing and import from China. Furthermore, better for you to consult with your local shipping forwarder. In order to understand better. If there are special requirements from your government.

For instance, some country is require fumigation for wooden products. Or electric appliance, textile, metal material. While clothing always need pay attention to the branded license. And electronics are required special certifications. Additionally, HS. Code, tariffs, import right. And so on. In the same words, you should pay attention to the requirements of both sides customs. So that to smooth the process of purchasing and shipping from China. To hire a good export agent in China, is very import for you.

3. Different products use different shipping way

Because of the different featured of products. Better to use different shipping way accordingly. For example, furniture products better to use sea shipping way. As the CBM is normally huge. If purchasing fashion accessories from China markets. Better to use Air shipping way. Or use courier shipping methods. Because the products are usually small CBM and high value. Especially for sales opportunity requirements in your local markets.

Of course, the delivery method is based on your business situation too. If your clients is rushing up your delivery. You’d better to choose fastest shipping method. Although the cost will be higher. Even if your goods shipping from China can’t catch your sale season. Then you have to consider air shipping way to instead of sea shipping. For peak season, or festival term, you need consider of the shipping space or work time. To choose a suitable shipping way.

4. Clarify your products specifications

Shipping from China market, should meet the requirements of customs. One of the basic but important requirement is that, you must clarify all detailed information. For what your goods purchasing from China. Such as product name, composition or material, use purpose, etc. Moreover, must pay attention to the correct HS code. Not only in China. But also in your local market. Usually, the 2 HS code is not the same in different countries.

There are still some other requirements of purchasing and shipping from China. Do remember to check with your forwarder or export agent in advance. And focus on the detailed products related. As the requirements are not same for differenct products.

5. Control the delivery conditions

Export from China is a complexity process. When you purchasing from China market. As we all know, sourcing, buying and quality checking. In order to purchasing good products from China market. Then need collect goods, consolidate the warehouse. And then loading container, export process, and shipping from China. There are too many detailed work need to handle and coordinate.

When your purchasing from China, you will meet many difficulties. If the suppliers can delivery goods in time? If they can send goods to your warehouse directly? Or need you pick up goods in China market? There are so many troubles. When should you booking space from shipping company? And when to finish documentations and submit to customs? There are too many institutes or process need to deal with. In fact, any issues, surely will impact the next steps. Please remember. Do consider all of the details in advance. And try your best to control the procedures. When you purchasing and shipping from China market.

Textile - Shipping Way

Textile – Shipping Way

Best China Clothing Market in Guangzhou

Best China Clothing Market in Guangzhou



Choose the best way to shipping from China market

How to choose the best shipping way? And what means the best results of purchasing from China market? Here we will share you some tips to consider about how to work with your export agent. Please remember. There basic service or tips are not only for purchasing and shipping from Guangzhou. But also for purchasing and shipping from any cities in China market. Such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Ningbo. As well as Yiwu, Wenzhou and Cixi city.

1. Clarify your goods volume

Goods volumes are the basic information to shipping from China market. No matter sea shipping or air cargo. You must know the correct figures of the goods. Such as pieces, cartons, weight and CBM. When you booking space from shipping company. They should know what and how they will deal with the goods you purchasing from China. Then make plan to accept the goods shipping from China market. However, China customs will check and inspect your goods. To confirm your products are legal to export and shipping from China.

There will be other related detailed information required. For example, the product name, use purpose, etc. Moreover, sometimes need original certifications. Or From E, and related certifications. Do remember, clarify your goods as detailed as you can. To match the requirements of China customs. If you hire a good export agent. Then you can ignore the detailed work. Because your export agent will help you handle all of the work.

Here, need remind you. One of the purpose of clarify your goods volume,  is to calculate the shipping cost. For what purchasing from China market. There are different pricing manner of couriers shipping way. And based on weight or CBM. Or the goods volume are the main factor, to choose what kind of delivery methods.

2. Know the popular shipping ways

There are normally have 3 shipping methods. Which are popular in purchasing and shipping from China market. Generally, Sea shipping way, Air shipping way, and Courier delivery. Actually, there are big difference in the different delivery methods. Your export agent surely will introduce you. Before you purchasing and shipping from China market. In fact, the export agent can ship from any port in China. Such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Fujian. Or Ninbo, Shanghai, Tianjin, etc.

♦ Sea freight

Sea freight is the cheapest and lowest cost for unit product. While the delivery date is the slowest. Generally, Sea freight way have 2 methods. That are full container and LCL shipping. And container CBM have 3 types too. For instance, 20 ft GP container is 28 CBM. And 40 ft GP container is 58 CBM. While 40 ft HQ container is 68 CBM. Of course, there are other related container styles. But generally for some special goods. Not so related with normal export agent in China wholesale market. Here we only talk about common products. Such as fabric material, textile products. Or fashion clothing and shoes. Or bags, jewlry, and accessories. As well as appliance, vacuum cleaner, furniture, etc.

If your products are big or heavy volume. Or the total CBM is big. Then the best shipping way is to delivery by sea. Usually, if your goods are more than 15 CBM. We will suggest you 20 ft GP container to shipping from China. Because it’s the most cost-effective way than other delivery methods. On the other hand, if your goods is more than 3 CBM. But less than 15 CBM. Then you’d better choose LCL sea shipping way.

♦ Air shipping

Air cargo is the most fastest shipping way. In fact, air cargo is much higher cost than sea shipping way. Usually with 7-8 times of the cost. Anyway, we will suggest our clients to delivery by air. If there goods CBM is less than 3 CBM. Of course, it is based on your shipping purpose.

Generally, if your goods are some higher value products. Better to choose airport. And don’t mind the good volumes. Because high value always means high profit, high cost. So that better for you to choose a safer and faster shipping way. For example, fashion watches, glasses, jewelry. Or lady beauty, wigs, and cosmetic products. Sometimes, high quality fashion clothing in silk, leather, fur material.

♦ International Courier

Courier delivery is the fastest shipping method. And easiest shipping way for clients. There are many international couriers. Such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. Each courier company have their competitiveness in some certain air line. Actually, the courier shipping way is the most convenience for shippers and buyers. Because the courier company will help you customs declarations and clearance. And you just wait for goods in your home. However, the delivery cost are extremely expensive.

3. Compare the cost and choose the best

After you confirm your goods volume. And confirm all related documents ready. Then you should consider about the total cost. Since shipping from China, mainly means export from China, and import from your country. So that 3 majority cost need assume. Firstly, FOB cost in China. Secondly,  shipping cost on the way. Thirdly, landed cost.

There are many detailed charges items in each cost. For example, FOB cost, there are THC fees, Trucking fees, documents fees, seal fees, etc. More than 10 charging items. Same situation in your destination port. The best way is to hire a professional China trade agent or China export agent to help you shipping from China.

Usually, you can get shipping cost quotation from your shipping forwarder or China trade agent. And they will submit you a detailed quotation list with each charging rate. You can check and confirm the cost. There are 2 directions for you to check and compare. The first one is to compare in same shipping way. And the second is to compare with different delivery methods. So that you can have a whole idea. And know what shipping way to choose based on your business purpose.

4. Understand “best cost” not means “cheapest”

Attention please, here we’d like to remind you to judge cost in a correct method. You must understand and choose a “best cost”, but not a “Cheapest” cost. Why? Because cost always based on service and service quality. Sometimes, our clients choose a cheapest shipping way, but finally they meet huge troubles when shipping from China. Finally, the can solve the issues, but in fact, they waste too much time, energy, and money. Furthermore, there are still have many potential cost. Such as delivery risk; sale opportunity, delivery in time for your own clients, etc.

Remember please, choose shipping way should based on the service quality, and reasonable and acceptable cost. You can inquiry 3-4 professional forwarders or China trade agent, then make your decision. In fact, you will finally find, the service and cost seems similar and same. Means same service quality level, usually in a same cost level.

Export agent help you handle all of the detailed work

When you purchasing from China market, and shipping from China. There are a best choice to help you simplify your purchasing from China market. The suggestion is to cooperate with a professional China export agent. Or we always call them China trade agent.

1. Basic Service of China export agent

China export agent is very popular trade agent in China market. Usually they provide comprehensive service for purchasing from China market, and shipping from China. For instance, market guide, sourcing and help you find the best China market with best suppliers. Furthermore, they will help you negotiate and control the suppliers, then order tracking, quality inspection. Of course, the China export agent will collect and consolidate your goods to their warehouse, then arrange shipping from China. By the way, paper work of shipping from China, documents and certifications, will finish in advance before shipping from China.

If you want to know more a bout the service of China trade agent. Please visit our website. We Shangjin Trading is a professional China export agent and China trade agent for years.

2. Choose a legal and reliable China trade agent

Purchasing from China market, is a complex process. And the results is impact to your business successful or not. While the most import points are: Best products buying in China wholesale market. And best way shipping and export from China. Of course, a China trade agent can help you reach the targets easily.

However, you must choose a legal and reliable China trade agent. Because there are many hidden rules and buying tips when you purchasing from China market. Moreover, if your trade agent is illegal, it’s a damage for your capital and business. Furthermore, If your China agent is not reliable, maybe you will receive poor quality products, or pay more extra fees during your shipping from China.

3. How to Choose a good China trade agent

In order to find a legal and reliable China trade agent, you’d better pay much time and try your best to find the best one. Here is some tips for you to find a good China trade agent.

  1. Check their website, understand them well.
  2. Communicate with them online, to see if their service is fast reaction and nice enough.
  3. Test them, require them to sourcing products for you, and you check if their detailed specification is professional and completely.
  4. Require the China trade agent re-source for you, to check if their service patience and proceed quality.
  5. Talk with them, ask and negotiate their service conditions or term, if acceptable.
  6. Meeting them, and visit their office, communicate with their staffs, and to judge if legal and honest.
  7. Legal sale contract require, sign a detailed file to clarify the responsibility of your service and business.
4. Control the shipping procedures and results

Although you find, check, and hire a China trade agent already, you’d better to pay attention to the results. A reliable China trade agent will usually proceed quickly and feedback you the result anytime. In each process of your shipping from China market, you can require your China trade agent to work on your behalf. But, anyway, you should check the result if acceptable, or is there anything mistake. You’d better require them to report you detailed files, pictures, or samples, etc. Anything you think necessary, just require the China export agent to proceed and feedback.

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Quality inspection



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China export agent-shipping way

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