China Yangtze River Textile Market

Textile market-China sourcing agent-market guide

China Yangtze River Textile Market locate in Guangzhou Zhongda Fabric and Accessories Wholesale Market. And the textile market is a very large fabric wholesale market for cheaper price than other textile market in China. So that China sourcing agent always like to guide foreign customers to sourcing and buying in the fabric wholesale market. Furthermore, China buying agent and market guide will recommend you the best suppliers in the textile market. Otherwise, too big fabric wholesale market is difficult for foreigners to find the correct place. Surely the service of market guide or China sourcing agent will save much time and energy for you. Read More

Guangzhou Yinling Fur Textile Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Yinling Fur Textile Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Yinling fur textile wholesale market is in Zhongda Fabric and Accessories Market Area. Actually, this fur fabric wholesale market mainly sales man-made fur. Because the fabric is cheap and has a wide range of varieties. There are Rabbit furs; Rabbit skin patchwork and Rex Rabbit Full Skin. Moreover,  Rex Rabbit, Peeling, Fox, Fox’s fur, Fox hair, Raccoon hair, mink, wool, etc. Many Guangzhou sourcing agent guide foreign buyers sourcing and buying in the textile market.

Yinling fur textile wholesale market is mainly selling cheap price and good quality fur items. In fact, the wholesale price of fur ranges from 70 to 110 per yards in this textile wholesale market. If you buy large quantities of fabrics, there will be more discounts. Read More

Huimei Clothes wholesale market

Huimei Clothes wholesale market locate at No . 139 Huanshi West Road, Guangzhou City . As we all know , there are many famous garment wholesale markets locate in the area. Besides ,  the area is the biggest business hub for clothes wholesale distribution in Guangzhou. Interestingly, Huimei Clothes wholesale market is the most fashion styles for ladies wear. In addition, the market is close to the train station and the provincial bus station, where is very convenient to everywhere. For above reason, this geographical location attract those fashion buyers easily to get here for sourcing and buying. Read More

Guangzhou Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Market

Zhanxi Clothing Wholesale Market in Guangzhou,  same name as Zhumei garment Wholesale Market, is a very important sales distribution center. Furthermore, in the same area, there are many famous and large garment wholesale markets. They are located and spread in Zhanxi road . Such as Jinbao custume Wholesale Market. Jindu International fashion Wholesale Market. Jinxiang Clothing Wholesale Market. Kairongdu Garment Wholesale Market. Jinhong International Clothing Market.  Huimei International Clothes Market and so on. Read More

Guangzhou International Textile Wholesale Market

Guangzhou International Textile Wholesale Market is located in Jinfang Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. In fact, the Market is also at the core of the Zhongda Textile Business Circle.  In the Guangzhou International Fabrics Wholesale Market, there are around 30 districts, with more than 6,000 vendors. Furthermore,  as a exciting data,  the textile wholesale market group have an amazing annual turnover of  20 billions yuan. Read More

Guangzhou New China Building Clothes Wholesale Market

Guangzhou New China Building clothes wholesale market is located in the street of the thirteenth line. It is the leader of the thirteenth line clothes wholesale business circle. The prosperity of clothes wholesale gradually develops to the surrounding shops and streets. And forming prosperous clothes wholesale business circle. Because it is one of the leading clothing wholesale markets in China, New China Building clothes wholesale market attracts more and more businessmen and buyers from all over the world to import clothing in China’s clothes wholesale market. Today, we will introduce to you Guangzhou New China Building clothes wholesale market, mainly for women’s clothing. Read More