Who is Shangjin? Why choose Shangjin?

Shangjin is a subsidiary of Ningbo JIMING electric appliance Co., LTD. However, it is operating separately in Guangzhou and mainly focus on sourcing agent service.

Our headquarter is the biggest emergency lamp manufacture in China, since 1996 to nowadays.

  • 30,000 sq-mtfactory with 300 employees
  • 5 subsidiary companies with 70 million USD turnover
  • 20 years export business with 60+ countries

Shangjin has 2 offices in Guangzhou and Ningbo for sourcing service. Meantime, we are an experienced Export Agent, specialized in One-Stop-Solution service more than 10 years.

Each member in Guangzhou team is specialized in sourcing and export service with at leat 5-10 years work experience.

We are familiar with China wholesale markets, help foreign buyer find correct products with good quality and price. Furthermore, our personalized service help you simplify the buying behavior, and ensure the process easier and safer.

Our one-stop-solution service are following, don’t include the service of invitation letter, hotel booking, airport pick up, etc.

  • Wholesale Market Guider
  • Free Sourcing Service
  • Order Follow-Up
  • Quality Inspection
  • Warehouse and Shipping
  • Customs Clearance and Documentations

What does Shangjin service excellently? Why to be a good sourcing agent for you?

1.Products and Markets

Shangjin is always focus on daily-used articles which are featured in China wholesale markets, and shall be good sale in your local market.

We help our clients buy in China wholesale markets for stock, samples, or production items. Furthermore, we usually assist to handle OEM, ODM service, track orders and control each process.

  • The specified products are: clothes, knitted sweater, garments, fabrics, shoes, bags, furniture, building material, lighting, electronic, accessories, etc.
  • The familiar wholesale markets are: Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Ningbo, Yiwu, Keqiao, Dongguan, Wenzhou, etc.

    Clothing wholesale market

2.Comprehensive Service

Shangjin has been recognized by our clients, not only the legal and reliable capability, but also  because of our satisfied service.

① Before your departure to visit China, until you go back hometown, we are always handling with the work on you behalf accordingly. No matter checking quality, collecting goods, or shipping arrangement.

② Each member of Shangjin has a fluent English, can understand your requirements via email or phone without any mistake. Furthermore, we also have professional knowledge of products as well as the business rules in China. We can proceed whole export service high efficiently.

③ We are experienced in import & export, will help you handle all of the related work in customs broken and transportation.

④ We offer free sourcing service,  together with 100% guarantee goods quality. Moreover, we will solve the emergency quickly according to your instructions, and keep you updated.

Buying process in China clothing wholesale market

Should you choose Shangjin, or not?

According to our service and features, you can easily judge if need our service or not. However, Shangjin is always focus on the clients who are listed following.

1. Choose Shangjin

① Business starter who want to purchase a small order to test their local market. We can help to simplify the business as a consultant .

② Experienced buyer who want to develop his products categories or suppliers, in order to get better price and quality. We will recommend or help you find many good manufactures to place order directly.

③ Fashion buyer who want to create own individual collections, need private label styles. Surely, it’s a good choice to contact us to handle the complicated procedures.

④ Brand company, who need customized making, and sourcing different kinds of suppliers. Absolutely, It’s the best choice to cooperate with Shangjin.

⑤ It’s better for you to choose us, when your orders are small but have various vendors, to save more time and energy.

2.Dont choose Shangjin

① Please don’t choose us as a tour guider or market translator, because we are agent for sourcing and export service.

② We don’t serve whom sourcing and purchasing via online directly. In fact, we can’t control the online supplier in QC or related service.

③ Please don’t simply ask us for category you want, because we are not a manufacture. In fact, we cannot sell you interested products directly. If you want category or quotation, please tell us your detailed information with product descriptions in advance.

④ Don’t choose Shangjin simply as a Canton Fair translator, it means waste money for you. Because you can communicate directly with the suppliers in their booth, otherwise, you can find a language translator outside the fair easily. Moreover, to hire a translator for Canton Fair is expensive, because you need pay 300rmb/day for the translator fees another 300rmb/day for ticket. Of course, if you need our export agent service, welcome to contact us.

⑤ We don’t work with the products of Food, Agriculture, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Machinery items. Absolutely we reject any items that restricted by customs such as weapons, drugs. Fake brand products are normally rejected, as the rules of customs forbidden. However, Branded products can be accept if you have a license allowed to export.


Mobile/ Wechat/ WhatsApp : +86 135 3898 9255
 Email: Kevin@shang-jin.com

JOYCE ZI (Sales Manager)

Mobile/ Wechat /WhatsApp :+86 189 2886 9513 
Email: Joyce@shang-jin.com